Supported formats

Bibliography formats


BibTeX is the default bibliography format used by Pybtex:

    author = "Strunk, Jr., William and E. B. White",
    title = "The Elements of Style",
    publisher = "Macmillan",
    edition = "Third",
    year = 1979

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BibTeXML is an attempt to translate the BibTeX format into XML. The above BibTeX snippet translates into this XML:

<bibtex:entry id="strunk-and-white">
        <bibtex:title>The Elements of Style</bibtex:title>


We added our own experimental YAML-based bibliography format to Pybtex. It is mostly a straightforward translation of BibTeXML into YAML:

    type: book
        - first: William
          last: Strunk
          lineage: Jr.
        - first: E.
          middle: B.
          last: White
    title: The Elements of Style
    publisher: Macmillan
    edition: Third
    year: 1979

Bibliography style formats

Pybtex currently supports bibliography styles in two formats:

Output formats

BibTeX’s .bst styles usually contain hardcoded LaTeX markup and are LaTeX-only. Pythonic styles in Pybtex are markup-independent and can output multiple formats, including:

  • LaTeX

  • Markdown

  • HTML

  • plain text

There is also pybtex-docutils by Matthias Troffaes that integrates Pybtex with Docutils, and sphinxcontrib-bibtex by the same author, integrating Pybtex with Sphinx.